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Fukunaga Print was established in Tachikawa City, Tokyo in 1963. The factory covers a wide range of paper processing methods, exceling in special color printing, printing on heavy paper and card, cutting, pasting and laser processing. The company has established a reputation as a leading paper processor. Since 2006, the company has worked with various renowned designers, utilizing factory facilities for planning, developing, creating and selling original products that expand the possibilities of paper.

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Fukunaga Print NETSHOP ‘Kamigu’

Kamigu is an online shop stocking all Fukunaga Print products. Geared towards the domestic and international markets, many products are available exclusively at Kamigu NETSHOP.

Online Shop “Kamigu”

Fukunaga Print Retail Store

Fukunaga Print operates a retail store adjacent to the factory, stocking our complete range of products. Knowledgeable staff are happy to explain about the products in detail, and offer a range of offcuts and dead stock exclusive to the factory store.

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